Enriches soil with essential nutrients.  Improves soil structure and water retention.

2.Manure ::

 Enhances microbial activity in the soil.  Supports healthy plant growth.

3.Fish Emulsion:

– High in nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace minerals. – Ideal for promoting robust plant development.

4.Bone Meal:

- Strengthens root systems and promotes flowering. – Suitable for flowering plants and bulbs.

5.Seaweed Extract:

– Boosts plant resilience to stress and diseases. – Enhances overall plant health and vitality.

6.Coffee Grounds:

– Adds organic matter to the soil. – Acts as a natural pest deterrent.

7.Epsom Salt:

– Promotes nutrient absorption and chlorophyll production. – Especially beneficial for magnesium-deficient soils.

8.Green Manure Cover Crops:

– Legumes like clover or alfalfa fix nitrogen in the soil. – Prevents soil erosion and suppresses weeds. – Adds organic matter when turned into the soil.

9.Wood Ash:

– Residue from burning untreated wood. – Contains potassium, which aids in flower and fruit development. – Raises soil pH in acidic conditions.


– Acts as a microbial stimulant, promoting beneficial bacteria. – Enhances nutrient uptake by plants. – Used in compost tea to boost soil fertility.

8 Suitable environment for garlic cultivation .