what  is morning sickness ?

1.Morning sickness : refers to the nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women, typically during the first trimester

2.Morning sickness: often begins around the sixth week of pregnancy and tends to peak around the eighth to twelfth weeks.

3.Common Symptoms: Nausea is the primary symptom, accompanied by vomiting in some cases.

4. Triggers:  Various factors can trigger morning sickness, including hormonal changes,

5.Duration: For most women, morning sickness gradually subsides by the end of the first trimester

6.Severity Varies: Morning sickness can range from mild queasiness to more severe bouts of vomiting

7. Positive Sign: While it can be uncomfortable, morning sickness is often considered a positive sign of a healthy pregnancy.

8. Management Strategies: Various strategies can help manage morning sickness, such as eating small, etc.

9.When to Seek Medical Attention: In some cases, severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, may require medical attention.

10.Emotional Impact: Morning sickness can have emotional effects on pregnant women, contributing to stress and anxiety.